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Peoria bridge reconstruction underway, construction of balsa bridges underway

Construction is underway on the Peoria Bridge project in Illinois, with a final groundbreaking to begin next week.

Construction will take place over the next several weeks, according to the Peo­poria County Office of Planning. 

According to a news release from the Peoricia County Planning Department, the bridge will be the first in the nation to be constructed using balsa. 

The bridge will span the Pea­porian River at its western end, with the eastern span joining the river at its eastern end. 

Construction will take approximately two years, with completion expected in 2021. 

Peoria County Commissioner Rob Stuckey told The Peoria Journal-World that the project is one of the largest in the state. 

“The Peoria Valley has had a number of bridges constructed, but this is the first of its kind,” Stuckeys said.

“I am proud to call this project the largest of its type in the United States.

The Peo_poria bridge is one bridge we are proud to build in the Peop­porians history, and we are so excited to start construction. 

For more information on the project, go to PeoriaBridge.org. 

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