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Dover Bridge Construction fails,Pocopon Bridge Construction goes into shutdown

In a setback for the Dover, Delaware, project, a bridge construction contractor and its subcontractor, the United Parcel Service, have gone into shutdown after a major bridge collapse in Philadelphia.

The bridge collapsed Wednesday at 12:40 p.m. in the city’s Waterfront Park, the company said.

A statement from the company read, “The company and subcontractor were working on a major project at the time of the collapse.

The project was under way when the collapse occurred.”

Workers have been working at the project since Wednesday and had to be pulled from the site as of Thursday afternoon, the statement said.

It said the bridge will be shut down for several days, and workers will be provided with emergency accommodation.

“This project has been under way since October 31, 2016, and is being carried out in compliance with the Federal Government’s Hazardous Materials Transportation Act,” the statement read.

The project is part of the $2.8 billion Dover-Philadelphia-Newark (DPD) Corridor Link project.

The bridge was built in 1964.

The DPD is one of the most expensive highway projects in the world, with the $6.5 billion project costing more than $1.8 trillion.