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How a Norwegian bridge will be built in just five months

A construction team has completed the first phase of a £1.3 billion bridge project linking Oslo to Malmö.

The project was originally due to start in 2018 but was delayed by a lack of funds and the collapse of a nearby bridge.

The bridge was designed by Norwegian engineering firm Lillefors, with the first section of the new structure, the bridge tower, completed in 2019.

The structure, which was designed for a maximum height of 2.5 metres, is about 100 metres long and features four separate towers.

The third and fourth towers will be able to support up to four passengers.

A large section of concrete will be laid down over the course of a year, to allow the structure to be lowered into the ground before being completed.

The new structure will be the world’s largest bridge at a height of about 2.9 metres (9.3ft).

Construction of the bridge is expected to take a further six months, to be completed by 2021.

The Norwegian Government is expected in early 2021 to announce a budget of nearly £1 billion for the project, which will be financed by a combination of borrowing and private funds.

The construction of the Oslo bridge has been a long-standing project in Norway.

It is one of several in the country, with other major projects including a £3.4 billion bridge to connect the city of Tromsø and the capital city of Bergen.

The government has said it wants to make sure that people and companies living in the capital can enjoy a good quality of life.

“I think this is a fantastic initiative and one that we can all be proud of,” said Bergen City Council Mayor Erling Berg.