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Why you need to know about the Trent Bridge bridge construction project

The federal government is proposing to build a new bridge between Trenton and Hamilton, Canada.

The project would create one of the largest and most expensive construction projects in Canadian history, costing $6 billion.

“This project will create more jobs, better transit service, more economic activity, and create new economic opportunities,” Transportation Minister Marc Garneau said in a press release on Monday.

“It will also have an economic impact on the entire region.”

Construction will begin in 2019, and the project is expected to be completed by 2022.

The Trent bridge is already open, and a new one is scheduled to open in 2020.

It will be the second bridge in the country to be built on the same land.

The original bridge opened in 1960.

There is currently a backlog of work, but construction could begin in time to complete the new one by 2021.

The construction will be conducted by a consortium of private companies, and all federal and provincial funds will be used.

Garneau also announced the construction of a second bridge, which will span the Niagara River and connect with the new highway, the $2.9 billion Highway 401.

The new bridge will be built to the west of the existing bridge, and will be more than 100 metres longer than the original one.

The government says the new bridge is needed to keep the highway open for freight traffic.

“The current traffic congestion and congestion in the Niagara region is an unacceptable problem,” Garneau told reporters.

“Our plan will make it a lot easier to move goods through the Niagara Region, while making it safer and more reliable.”

Construction on the highway will be completed within the next two years, and it will link the province of Ontario to the rest of the country.

The province has promised to invest $1.8 billion in the project, and to pay for it entirely with toll revenues.

The federal Liberals have promised a “new, modern and more efficient” bridge system in the region.

“A new bridge on the Niagara Bridge is a major step forward in connecting Ontario to other provinces and regions,” Transportation Canada spokesman Eric Boudreau said in an email.

“We are excited about the project’s completion, and look forward to the construction and operation of the new Hudson River Crossing Bridge in 2019.”