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How to Build a Centennial Bridge

Winona, Minnesota (CNN) — There’s a long tradition of bridge construction on the Minnesota side of the Mississippi River.

But the first bridge built to connect the two states has been a landmark.

“The Mississippi River bridge was built on the very first bridge,” said Mike Kranz, vice president of the Minnesota Department of Transportation, adding that it was built in the 1880s and that the bridge is the only one still in operation today.

“We’ve had two or three other bridges that have been constructed since then.

And we have two bridges that were built in 1916 and 1918.

But this one is unique.”

The span spans more than 4,000 feet from the Mississippi to the Iowa border, with the Mississippi side about 40 feet above the ground.

The Iowa side spans about 40 miles.

The Mississippi River was originally a tributary of the Missouri River, which connected it to the Mississippi, but it was never used for navigation.

The bridge opened in 1903, when the United States Congress approved a $7.2 million grant for the construction of a new bridge in Winona.

It was originally expected to be finished in 1912, but was delayed by World War I. The project was initially to be completed in just three years.

But it took more than a decade for it to become a reality.

“We didn’t have a lot of money and it was expensive,” Kranzer said.

“It was a big undertaking and a very large undertaking.

And it took us a while to finish it.

And now it’s a landmark bridge, and it’s really important to Winona.”

A $10 million project to rehabilitate the bridge ended up costing more than $1 billion.

Kranzz said the bridge’s completion was not a surprise because it was the first of the kind that Minnesota had been building.

“It’s kind of a small world,” Krantz said.

But when the bridge was finished, a small town called Winona had no plans for it, and construction of the bridge went largely unnoticed.

This is a story of perseverance, Kranzan said.

Winona is the town with the oldest bridge in the United State and the bridge in our community has been in operation for more than 50 years.

“The history of Winona spans more history than the history of this bridge,” Kraanz said.