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How to bridge the UK’s bridge construction gap

By Tim GormanUK bridge construction is on track to get off to a great start with the government planning to use the UK construction industry as a template for other countries, to help it get off the ground.

The government said last week it had received advice from the International Society of Civil Engineers (ISCE) that the UK was on track for a high-quality bridge over the Forth, which carries a number of important traffic signals and major highways.

It also said the project had a high chance of being completed in 2023.

A new bridge under the Forth is expected to cost around £100 million.

The ISCE’s report said that the new bridge should be built with the UK as the main contractor.

It said the UK is currently the only country in the world that has not built a high bridge over its main highway, but it could do so if its planning to build a high one over the UK.

The report said the Forth Bridge project has been a major source of uncertainty and delay for the government and that it should be constructed using the UK, not foreign contractors.

The main contractor is the UK government and there is a good chance of a bridge being built, said the ISCE, which was formed to advise the government on the UK bridge construction industry.

The Government said the bridge was a priority for the construction industry and that a number was currently under construction.

A number of UK government departments have been contacted about the new structure and the Government said it would be building the bridge using the industry and building the structure at the same time.

There are also plans to build new bridges in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.