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How to Build a New, Improved, Better Bridge in Dubai

“I would really like to build something that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also more functional,” said Dr. Alaa Jafar, a consultant with the UAE National Bridge Engineering Institute.

“I’d like to do things like improve the bridge’s ventilation system, add more space between the columns, improve the cable management, or upgrade the bridge to a high-speed pedestrian walkway.”

Jafars research shows that if a bridge is designed in such a way that the bridge will allow pedestrians to walk across without any physical obstacles, it will have a positive impact on public health and environmental protection.

“The more space there is for people to walk, the more they’ll walk and the less the pollution,” he said.

“And that will be a benefit to everyone.”

In addition to being a great way to save money, bridges are a great opportunity to create a vibrant economy.

“If you can design a bridge that’s aesthetically appealing and functional, and the infrastructure that goes along with that, that’s the way you can attract businesses to Dubai,” said Jafaris partner, Mohammed Shams.

“You’ll attract more investment in the area.”

For the past few years, the city of Dubai has been actively building the future bridge, with the aim of providing safe access for tourists and business travelers.

“We’re very aware of the impact that a bridge will have on the environment, on the tourism sector, on people’s daily lives,” Jafaria said.

In fact, the UAE is planning to install the world’s first pedestrian bridge in 2019, a project that has already cost $2 billion.

“For us, the biggest challenge is getting the bridge built,” said Shams, who is the head of the Dubai Transport Authority.

“But that’s also the opportunity for us, because we can take advantage of it.”