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How to get a $100-billion bridge to connect Chicago with Washington

Bridge construction has been going on around the world for decades, and the project is one of the most expensive in U.S. history.

But the cost of the project, which includes $80 billion in federal financing, could be significantly higher.

The U.K.’s government announced Tuesday that it is buying two other U.N. sites for $40 billion.

It is the second major construction project under way in the U.J.A. The first project is a $1.5-billion expansion of the Holland Tunnel in Britain, which will open next month.

A third project is under construction in Germany.

The cost of all three projects is expected to exceed $100 billion.

The second phase of the tunnel is due to open by 2019.

The $80-billion project is the largest in U,S.

construction history.

It will also be the first to connect Washington, D.C., to the Eastern Seaboard.

A total of 20 bridges are being built across the U., but a total of 11 are in Canada.

The remaining six are in the Netherlands, France, China, and South Korea.

The Dutch bridge is a massive 1,200-foot-long steel arch.

It has four sides that form a single span.

The Chinese bridge will have three sides, and will be one of six planned to be completed this year.

The South Korean bridge will be a single, 4,500-foot span.

And the Chinese bridge is the longest of the six, stretching for more than 7 miles.

The project will be funded by a U.G.B. bond issue.

The company that built the Holland tunnel, GDF Suez, will own the remaining four of the bridges.