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What’s going on with the Armia bridge construction

Armia Bridge Construction Source RTE date 07 October 2018 article The Armia Crossing was first completed in April 2017, but was only completed in March 2018.

The new bridge was designed by the Dutch firm Dijon and built by Armia, a company that was awarded a €1.2bn contract to build the crossing.

The new bridge, named for Armia CEO Antoine Betzwood, was designed to be a modern bridge that would replace the Armiges old crossing at the junction of the Avril and Sainte-Geneva bridges, and replace the existing crossing with a new bridge.

The project is the latest in a series of bridge projects being undertaken across the country by Dijons consortium.

It is understood that it has a budget of €3.7bn, and is being funded by a mix of government and private funds.

The Armigas bridge, which has been in operation since 1874, is the first in a line of bridges across the border in the Netherlands.

The bridge, along with a line linking the town of Nijmegen and Amsterdam, were originally part of the Stadtholder-Bolton Bridge project.