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How the UK is building its largest bridge to span the Channel

Google News article Construction on a major new bridge linking the United Kingdom with France will begin this summer, but some critics say it will create an obstacle for the Government’s ambitious plans for a £10 billion new highway linking London and Paris.

A parliamentary committee has heard from representatives of a wide range of stakeholders about the project, including civil society groups, the local population, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and others.

The UK’s government, which has a £50 billion transportation plan, said it would use the new bridge to create a new crossing for the Eurostar train.

The project has been approved by the Department for Transport (DfT) and is part of its £100 billion “Project Lighthouse” plan.

But critics say the scheme is not sustainable.

The Lighthouse bridge is a £1.5bn extension of the Channel Tunnel.

A major new highway to connect the UK with France is now being built in Kent, and the government says the project will “transform” the way Londoners travel.

In recent months, the British government has been criticised by civil society and the public over the extent of its plans to link the capital to Paris.

In July, the Home Affairs Select Committee heard evidence from experts from across the political spectrum about the plans, including from the mayor of London.

The committee also heard from local residents, including a local council leader and local business owners, as well as a local councillor and members of the Royal Family.

In addition, local authorities across the UK are looking at the plan, including the boroughs of Greenwich, East Anglia and West Sussex.

The government is also seeking a private bid to build the bridge, with the final cost expected to be around £10.5 billion.

However, critics say that if the bridge were to be built, it will simply be another obstacle to the Government planning for a new road linking London to Paris and beyond.

“It’s a great idea, but it’s not sustainable,” said Richard Cairns, the chair of the Local Government Association’s Transport & Planning Committee, in a statement.

“The Lighthouse Bridge will create a barrier for a planned road connecting London to France, as the bridge will be too small to be the final link.

This will create further delay and cost to taxpayers and will be an expensive project for local communities.”

The cross-Channel Highway (C&H) The C&H (Channel Tunnel) is a major highway linking the UK and France, and it is a key link in the transport network linking the two cities.

The C & H is currently being built by a consortium led by German engineering firm Siemens, which will be led by British company Dassault Aviation.

The plan is to build a new bridge between the UK, France and the French town of Bordeaux, in 2019.

The consortium has been contracted to build part of the bridge by 2024.

However it has yet to receive a contract for the rest of the project.

The bridge will connect to the Eurotunnel, which links London to the French port of Calais.

However the C&I will connect directly to the Eiffel Tower and other major landmarks.

“We don’t think it’s the right solution for London to have to spend this money on a bridge that is not going to make a difference in the lives of our local communities,” said Tom Glynn, a campaigner for the Campaign for Better Transport.

“This will be a barrier to a better transport future, not a bridge for the UK.”

The project is set to cost around £6 billion.

But the government has repeatedly claimed it is on track to get the bridge built in time for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.

According to the government, the Eurovision competition will be held in 2020, and that the C &H will link to the Lighthouse in 2019, in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the start of the European Summer Olympics.

However in a recent report, the Parliamentary Research Service (PRS), which has the responsibility for government research, found that the project is not yet costed properly.

“If the Euro2016 construction programme is a success, the new C&D [Bridge] will provide an attractive option for the Jubilee year 2021, which coincides with the opening of the Jubilating Europark,” the PRS report stated.

“But, given the complexity of the C.N.T. scheme, it is not clear whether the Jubilant Europark can be funded at current funding levels.”

Critics also point out that the UK has a population of just over 7 million people, which means it will take years to build bridges to the two largest cities.

A recent study by the International Transport Policy Research Institute (ITPRI) said that the total cost of building a bridge between London and France will be £6.3 billion.

That’s almost two-thirds of the £10bn cost of the new highway, which is scheduled