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Which bridge should China build first?

By Kim Kwang-hee / TechCrunch, Nov 30, 2017The United States, France and Japan have been working together on the construction of the Chinese Beijing-Tianjin-Kiangsu-Hubei-Shanghai-Tibet-Tongxin-Shenzhen-Beijing-Guangzhou-Tunisia-China-Southeast Asia-Cambodia-Nepal-India-Cape Verde-Bolivia-Thailand-Cameroon-Niger-Tanzania-Gabon-Sudan-Libya-Zimbabwe article By TechCrunch staffA giant bridge is seen in the background of the Tianjin-Tiantai-Kongtan-Changdong-Beijiazhuang Bridge in central China.

/ Reuters, file PhotoBy Kim Kwong-hee, TechCrunch/Reuters/Corbis / Reuters / ReutersBy Kim Bong-won, Tech Crunch/Reuters / Reuters By Kim Bui-jie, Tech and Media News, Reuters /ReutersBy Kim Hye-chung, AP, Reuters, ReutersBy Stephen Braun, AP/ReutersBy Lee Jin-man, AP / ReutersAssociated PressBy Lee Hsiu-jung, Associated Press/ReutersAssociated Press by Jon Chait, AP by APBy James Gammill, APBy Justin Sullivan, Getty Images by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesBY STAN HONDA/ReutersFor the latest news, features and analysis on the Chinese economy, follow us on Twitter at: China Business news, China business news, Beijing, China, China Business, Beijing-China Business, China jobs, China economic, China growth, China job growth, Chinese jobs, world jobs, jobs jobs in China, jobs in the US, jobs around the world, world job growth