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What is going on in Cleveland?

Cleveland, Ohio – As construction crews continue to work around the clock to complete the Inner Belt Bridge on the western edge of the city, a small group of supporters is making their way down to the project site.

On Friday, as part of a rally organized by local activist and organizer Chris Hedges, Hedges met with local and state officials who are working on the bridge’s construction.

“We want to be able to talk to our elected officials and say, ‘What are you doing?’

We want to see the construction going forward,” Hedges said.

Hedges was joined by his co-founder, local activist Ben Sussman, who is also a co-chair of the Innerbelt Bridge Coalition, a coalition of progressive groups working to secure funding for the project.

Sussman said the Inner-belt Bridge is one of many transportation projects that will be in the spotlight in the next few weeks.

He also addressed concerns over the proposed Inner Belt bridge being too close to a busy intersection where two lanes of traffic are already limited.

At one point, a protester wearing a black hooded sweatshirt stood up and shouted that the Inner belt bridge is “the bridge to nowhere” and that the city should focus on “our bridges.”

“This is not a bridge to Detroit.

This is a bridge for the people of Cleveland to build a better future,” said the protester, who was dressed in a sweatshirt and carried a sign reading, “I’m with Hedges and Sussmans.””

I think that this bridge is going to be a bridge between the people and the city,” Sussmann said.

“We have the money.

We have the infrastructure.

We can do this.”

The Inner Belt Riverfront Corridor, which would connect the Inner and Inner Belt Rivers, is the heart of the proposed bridge, which has been in the works for about three decades.

The plan would build a bridge over the river between the Inner Lakes and the Inner City.

The Inner Belt Corridor is one section of the Interstate 5 highway that connects the city of Cleveland and surrounding areas.

The Innerbelt Corridor is envisioned as a new corridor connecting the neighborhoods of the Downtown and Midtown areas of Cleveland.

According to the Innerlace Project website, the project would connect approximately 200,000 residents and businesses with the Innerlake Trail and the Greater Cleveland Regional Transportation Authority’s Green Line, providing access to the Ohio River.

The city of Brownsville is home to many of the roughly 6,000 homes and businesses that are slated to benefit from the Inner Lake Trail, according to the website.

The city’s downtown area has the second highest density of apartment buildings in the region, and the neighborhood of South Main has the highest number of single-family homes.

The site of the planned Inner Belt bridges construction in Cleveland,Ohio, on Aug. 14, 2019.

Courtesy of the Cleveland Plain Dealer