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The bridge that is about to be built across the Ohio River from Cleveland has been delayed again.

It’s been delayed once again.

This is happening again.

Last week, the project was supposed to begin today.

Instead, construction is taking nearly three weeks to finish.

Construction of the bridge across the river has been halted because of the ongoing construction at the intersection of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The project has been plagued by delays, construction and cost overruns. 

The Ohio River bridge construction will span a total of 634 miles, according the Plain Dealer, but the new bridge will span only 9 miles, because of environmental concerns.

I think we’ve learned from the past, but it’s still a challenge for the communities and the communities themselves, the article continued.

It will take three years and it’s going to cost $1.3 trillion.

It’ll cost millions of dollars. 

It’ll be a terrible bridge.

It is going to be a great bridge, but at the same time it’s got to be designed to make sure that it doesn’t get in the way of any of the existing bridges that we already have in place.

So, it’s gonna be a very, very challenging bridge.

That’s why we’re making this a long-term project, according to the Plain View Eagle.

The project has become a cause celebre among the local media.

The Cleveland Plain View Express wrote a front page article on June 11 about the bridge. 

“The bridge is going nowhere, and we’re trying to get it done,” said Mike McAllister, president of the city of Cleveland.

“But there’s no money.

There’s no tax dollars for this.

We can’t get the money.

We don’t have the tax money to do it.

We’re not even going to get the bridge completed because it’s already too late.

So it’s time for us to move on.

The city has spent millions and millions of taxpayers’ dollars on this bridge.

We need to move forward.

We have to.” 

But some local politicians are not willing to take the bait and continue to talk about the project, even though the bridge is a terrible idea, according Toepfer. 

He also wrote an op-ed piece for the Plain Plain Eagle. 

In an article titled, “Why is the Ohio Bridge still being built?”, McAllister writes:”The Ohio Valley has never been the same since the bridge was built.

This has been the worst traffic disaster of our lives. 

This bridge will destroy our economy, our quality of life, our safety, our environment, and our ability to create jobs.

The Ohio River Bridge is not the answer, and it will cost far more to fix it than it will to build it.” 

“And this bridge will be even more dangerous, because this bridge is not designed to handle any kind of flood,” he continued.

“The design is designed to fail, not to survive.

So the bridge must be built in a way that does not allow this terrible situation to continue.” 

McALLISTER also wrote that the bridge would be an “economic disaster” for the area. 

A flood would cause an economic catastrophe for the region. 

Mcallister also wrote:”This bridge is only the start.

The construction of the Bridge will cost tens of billions of dollars to repair, and millions more to rebuild.

And millions more are needed to get this bridge built and put in place.” 

On June 7, President Donald Trump signed a bill authorizing $2 billion to repair and reconstruct the bridge, which is currently under construction. 

But Trump also signed an executive order on July 31, which will force the city and county to build the bridge and construct it on their own. 

Trump has stated that the project will be completed in two years. 

Despite these efforts, the bridge has not yet been built, and construction has slowed to a crawl.

Trump has said that the president would like to see the project completed before the end of the year, but that will be impossible because of a court ruling that prevented the construction from going forward. 

Construction on the bridge will stop temporarily for two weeks to allow time for the judge to rule on the order. 

When the project is completed, it will have cost $7.5 billion, according The Associated Press. 

 It’s not clear if the bridge construction was stopped because of an environmental or cost overrun.

The Associated General Contractors Association reported that the cost overrun was $4.2 billion.

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