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How to fix a bridge with a simple construction error

By Christopher HannonPosted November 20, 2018 09:18:09A construction company in Georgia is facing fines after the state’s construction regulator says they didn’t properly test their bridge to ensure it was safe.

A construction contractor in Georgia was fined $100,000 for a bridge construction error that could have saved lives.

The Georgia Department of Transportation said the $100 million bridge, built in 2016, failed to meet safety standards, but didn’t specify what caused it.

The bridge spans over the Black River in Georgia, and connects it to the interstate highway system.

It’s a high-profile project that was the subject of a recent state law.

It’s unclear whether the bridge was repaired and inspected, but it was repaired in March and has since been repaired.

The bridge has a design that is nearly impossible to repair, according to the Georgia Department Of Transportation.

A Georgia law allows for fines of up to $100 per day for failure to inspect a bridge.

The state Department of Roads and Highways said the company, RCA, should have tested the bridge and inspected it more closely before the bridge’s completion.

“It’s disappointing that RCA would have failed to properly test its construction for its own safety and that Rca failed to follow proper practices in order to comply with the law,” Georgia DOT spokesman Tim Tatum said.

The company told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution the company was working on the bridge, but did not provide any further details.