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How to build the bridge that will link the United States to Europe

Construction of the new bridge between Denmark and the Netherlands will begin in earnest in 2021.

The bridge will connect Copenhagen to Amsterdam and will stretch over an area that’s now a major shipping route, with a ferry system connecting it to the rest of Europe. 

But it’s also a significant undertaking.

A section of the bridge was built without the consent of local communities. 

In 2016, a consortium of Danish citizens, environmentalists, and environmental activists took to the streets of Copenhagen to protest construction.

They hoped to build a new bridge with a design that could save lives and prevent further erosion.

The new bridge was approved in September 2021 and will have its first public test in January 2022. 

The bridge is already a major symbol of Danish identity. 

It’s an emblem of Denmark’s commitment to environmental sustainability, and the city’s mayor, Christian Åkerlund, has said that it’s a symbol of his country’s environmental and social values. 

There will be more construction than usual in 2021, when the bridge will be built, with construction starting around the middle of next year. 

Construction on the new Dutch-Danish bridge is expected to start in 2019, with the first phase completed by 2022.