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Charlestown Bridge construction begins, bridge deck built

A new bridge across the Delaware River was officially opened on Friday, making it the longest bridge in the country to span the span.

Construction crews began the process to build the span in Charleston, Pa., about 20 miles southeast of Philadelphia.

The bridge is expected to be finished by the end of the year.

The span is designed to support about 300,000 passengers per day and will be connected to a major transit line, Amtrak’s Penn Central, through Philadelphia.

It is expected that the bridge will serve as a bridge between the East Coast and the South Atlantic.

“This bridge is a great example of a public-private partnership,” said Charles Dees, president and CEO of the New York City Department of Transportation.

“We have the largest transportation network in the world, so the bridge is an opportunity for all of us to go together.”

The project is part of a $2.8 billion transportation plan that calls for the construction of the new bridge by 2024.

The bridge is located in the town of Charlestons’ East End, which sits on the Delaware.

Construction is expected take up to 10 years, according to a statement from the City of Charliestown.

The project comes as the economy continues to recover from the recession.

There were 4.3 million jobs in the U.S. in November, the Commerce Department reported Thursday.