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Why beipanjia bridge construction could take more than two years, says Queensland premier

Brisbane’s Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has warned the construction of a new bridge to the Brisbane River is likely to take more time than originally envisaged.

Key points:Beipanjinjiang Bridge, a $15 million bridge connecting Brisbane and Penrith, will be completed this yearThe state Government says a total of $4 billion is needed for the projectQueensland’s Premier says a bridge spanning the Brisbane and New South Wales Rivers will cost more than $8 billionQueenslanders have been promised $4.5 billion for a $1.8 billion bridge over the Brisbane to New South Australia River but Ms Palaszek has warned this is unlikely to be delivered.

Queenslander Premier Annaszuk has told reporters the State Government has made significant progress on the construction project, and has promised $1 billion more.

“The State Government is making significant progress, and we are committed to deliver the bridge by the end of this year,” Ms Palasky said.

“We’re very confident that we will deliver a bridge that’s going to bring new jobs and economic growth to our communities, and to provide an excellent connection to our rivers.”‘

A huge project’Queenslands Premier Annamaszuk says the construction is a “huge project” and the State is committed to providing a “world class bridge” to the River.

“It’s a big project that we’re all very committed to and we’re really confident we’re going to deliver it,” she said.