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Why bridges will not be rebuilt for years, but they can still help

With construction of a new bridge over the Mississippi River set to begin, the nation’s top construction organization is calling for a change in how construction of existing bridges is being done.

“It’s been a failure to do our jobs,” said Mark Gorman, executive director of the bridge construction and maintenance association.

“The federal government and state governments have been making the bridges more accessible and safer.

And yet it’s only the last thing we need to do.”

While a lot of the construction work is done by private companies, the bridge industry has suffered from the collapse of a $4 billion project to widen the span of the old Port of New Orleans.

The $4.6 billion project is currently under construction near the city of New Orlean, and Gorman said he’s concerned that a $1 billion bridge that connects the city to the Mississippi river will be the last to be built.

The project is being financed by private money and a federal grant.

The state’s Department of Transportation, which owns the bridge, has not yet determined how much of the project will be financed by taxpayers.

“We’re looking at it in a very difficult and very painful light,” Gorman told ABC News.

“I’m worried about the people who are going to be affected by this bridge being affected by the lack of safety.”

Construction has been slow and the construction company that’s constructing the bridge has yet to begin any work on the bridge.

The bridge will be used by Amtrak and New Orleans’ public transportation system.

Gorman said the construction is the worst he’s seen in decades.

“The work has been extremely slow,” Gormann said.

“It’s not just one piece, it’s not even one bridge, it could be many.

The construction of this bridge is just an embarrassment to New Orleans.”

Construction of the new bridge is expected to take up to five years, and the agency is asking for more than $400 million to finish the project.

The agency is also asking for the public to continue donating to the project, as well as $25 million to help pay for temporary repairs.

Gormann called on New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu to ask Congress for $500 million to begin the rebuilding of the bridges.

“I am asking for this money immediately,” Gumman said.

“This bridge is not just a bridge.

It is a symbol of our city.

It’s a symbol that our community and our country have come together,” he added.”

You can build it, you can pay for it.

But you cannot pay for the bridge.”

Gorman has a long history of criticizing the federal government for what he said is poor oversight of construction of the nation the most expensive bridge in the world.

The bridge that spans the Mississippi and is used by the New Orleans metro area is the biggest project in the state’s history.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development spent $1.5 billion to build the bridge in 2001 and a total of $835 million to build its span.

The project was a boon to the area, which has seen its population grow by about 1 million since the completion of the interstate.