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What to watch for in the Pennybacker Bridge construction segmental

A new bridge segment in New York City could take a bit of time to complete, but the construction is expected to be finished in two years, a spokesman for New York’s Department of Transportation said.

The department’s Office of Bridge Repair will have a new contract to manage the segment and the bridge construction.

Construction on the new bridge will likely be completed in the spring, the spokesman said.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said he was confident the new segment would be ready for its first ride.

“It’s a great accomplishment, and it will allow us to keep moving forward on the Pennyback project,” de Blasio told reporters Monday.

He said the project is a good opportunity to build a new bridge that will improve New York city’s ability to move people and goods.

The Pennybacker project will take about three years, but de Blasio was quick to stress that the construction would be done in two.

“The segment will be completed by spring 2019,” the spokesman told reporters.

“We are very confident that it will be done within that timeframe.”

De Blasio and New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo have said the $15 billion project will be finished within six years.

New Yorkers have long been frustrated by construction delays on the project, which is designed to replace the aging New York-New Jersey bridge over the Hudson River.

De Blasio has said he wants the new section of the Pennybricks to be completed within four years, and that it would cost between $25 billion and $35 billion to build.