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Which bridge construction in Atlanta could be the next?

This story is the latest to feature a bridge construction story from Atlanta.

Atlanta BeltLine project manager Jeff Smith told us that the Atlanta Beltline project is now in the design phase and that the contractor has been “delivering on schedule and on budget.”

Here are some of the projects we’re looking forward to covering this week.1.

Atlanta Bridge Construction at the BeltLine: A bridge was built in the first phase of the Atlanta Braves expansion into downtown Atlanta, but that hasn’t been the only bridge project on the agenda.

This week, Atlanta BeltLink and Atlanta-based Bridge Construction Atlanta announced they are building the BeltLink bridge at the former Georgia Southern Terminals complex in downtown Atlanta.

The $3.6 billion bridge will replace a bridge at Interstate 10 in downtown Troup.

Atlanta-area officials are hopeful that the project will be completed before the Braves leave town for the 2018 season.

The Braves were planning to use the new bridge for the first time in 2019, but were forced to cancel that date because of the ongoing Georgia Power outage.

Now, they’re hoping to build the Beltlink bridge after the power goes out in the next two weeks.

The BeltLink is scheduled to open to traffic on July 22.

The Atlanta Beltlink Bridge at the Georgia Southern terminal site.

Atlanta’s BeltLink was built at Georgia Southern Terminal in downtown-Atlanta.

Credit: Atlanta Belt Link/Atlanta BeltLink/Facebook.2.

Atlanta Bay Bridge: This bridge is part of a $15 billion project to replace the Bay Bridge in the city of Lakewood.

The project is scheduled for completion in 2019.

Lakewood, Georgia is already home to a new bridge over the Georgia River and another over the Chattahoochee River.

The new bridge will connect Lakewood to the Georgia Strait, but Lakewood Mayor John Mears said the project isn’t expected to affect the flow of traffic over the Beltline.

The Lakewood Bridge over the Mississippi River is now closed for maintenance.

The Lakewood Bay Bridge project is expected to open in 2019 and will connect the lakefront to the Beltway.3.

Atlanta Downtown Bridge: Atlanta’s Downtown Bridge project was approved by the City Council in November, but it still needs the approval of state regulators.

The Atlanta Downtown is a new pedestrian bridge designed to connect downtown to the rest of the city.

The design includes new landscaping, sidewalks and bike lanes, and it will be used for traffic during the Braves spring training schedule.

The Georgia Department of Transportation is the lead contractor on the project, and the project is already under construction.

The city will be working with Georgia Power to complete the project.4.

Atlanta Transit Authority (ATA): This project is one of the most important of the three that have been approved for the Atlanta Metro Rail.

The MetroRail is a rail line that runs between the Atlanta metro area and surrounding areas.

The cost of the $6.4 billion project will include upgrades to the Atlanta Subway, an elevated train, and other infrastructure.

Atlanta is expecting to complete this project in 2021.

The new Atlanta Subway is now under construction, and will be a new transit option in the metro area.

The ATA has been working to build a new tunnel under the Georgia BeltLine for this project.5.

The Ellington Bridge at Georgia State University: This project was originally supposed to begin construction in the spring of 2019, and was supposed to be finished in 2021 but has been pushed back.

The bridge is the final bridge on the Elling, which was built as a separate facility and will become part of the University of Georgia.

The span of the Elington Bridge is now scheduled to be completed by 2021.6.

The Farragut-Neal Bridge at Farrigut- Neal: This is the second major bridge to be built at the Farrogut-Neil campus in Atlanta.

It will be the first bridge constructed under the University-Atlanta Rail Transit Link.

Construction is currently under way on a new $2.5 billion bridge to replace a section of the bridge at FARROGUT-NECK.

This bridge will also be the last bridge to span the Georgia Straits between the city and the city suburbs.7.

The Fulton County-Toledo Bridge: The Fulton Bridge will be replaced in 2019 with a new structure that will span the Chattahawas River.

This project will also replace the Fulton County Toll Road.

This new bridge is expected for completion by 2021 and will also include a bridge over I-285 that will connect to the Interstate 10 Bridge.8.

The Peachtree Bridge at Greenville, South Carolina: This massive project to extend Greenville’s main downtown artery is scheduled as part of Atlanta BeltTraffic.

The first phase is expected be completed in 2019; the second phase is planned for completion as early as 2021.

The entire project is estimated to cost more than $20 billion.9.

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