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Montréal bridge construction continues in Canada

A Quebec-based company is taking construction of a new bridge across the St. Lawrence River to completion after an engineering review by the Canadian government.

The bridge will span the St-Louis River in Montreal, the provincial government said Tuesday.

The $3.3 billion project is being overseen by the National Transportation Safety Board.

The CN Tower, a $1.9 billion project that opened last year, is expected to be completed in 2021.

The project has drawn opposition from environmentalists and critics of the construction of the CN Tower.

The tower, which is expected replace a bridge in the Quebec city of New Orleans, will span nearly four miles, or the length of about one-third of a football field.

It will be the second bridge built by CN Tower in Quebec in the past decade, and it’s not clear if the company will continue to build more bridges.

CN Tower said the CN Towers bridges will help improve transportation safety by providing an alternative to the current bridge system.

CN Towers has said it will pay about $300 million for the construction, and $50 million of that will be for the bridge itself.

The remaining $300,000 will be paid for through the construction and maintenance of the bridge, according to the CN towers website.

CN said it’s still considering what to do with the bridge after construction is complete.