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Texas bridge construction starts with busses, tractors

The construction of a new bridge over the Bayonne River in Texas started with tractors and bussing, a project that is part of a larger effort to transform the country’s largest metropolitan area.

Texas Department of Transportation spokesman Kevin Cavanaugh said the agency started work in late November on the first section of the bridge, which will connect the town of Bayonne with downtown Fort Worth.

The project, Cavanaugh told reporters Wednesday, is the result of a $10 million federal grant.

The first section is expected to open by the end of March, Cattleman said.

The bridge, he said, is expected cost $1.5 billion, though it’s unclear how much of that is covered by federal and state grants.

The Texas Department of State Health Services is also building a section of a highway connecting Bayonne and Fort Worth that’s expected to be complete by the summer, Cahn said.

But the state has not yet started the project, which is funded by $10.6 billion in federal highway grants, said Chris O’Brien, the department’s director of strategic planning and innovation.