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Bayville bridge project set to be finished by 2019

The project is expected to be completed by 2019, according to a statement from the San Jose, California-based Bayville Bridge Corp., which built the bridge.

The company also said the span is expected for a 2019 opening.

The project, which will also span the Pacific Ocean, was originally slated to open in 2020.

The Bayville, California, project is among the largest U.S. bridge construction projects in history, according the Bayville-based nonprofit Bayville Trust, which is leading the effort.

Construction began on the bridge in 2004, and it opened in January 2018.

The bridge spans the Bayou State’s scenic Chine River and the San Jacinto River.

The structure is the second longest bridge in the world and has a span of 1,800 feet (305 meters).

Construction on the Bayeville bridge began in 2008, and the span opened in May 2018.

It’s also the first bridge of its kind to open from the mainland United States.

In November, the San Diego City Council approved a measure to fund $15 million in repairs to the bridge, and Bayevilles’ owners hope to finish the project by 2022.

A new Bayevile bridge was originally expected to open by 2020, but that plan was later shelved.