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Quebec city council approves construction of peoria bridge as part of new $10 billion bridge

Quebec City, Quebec — The city council on Tuesday approved a $10.6 billion plan to build a new bridge across the Peoria River and create a new park along the riverfront.

The project will be part of the city’s $10-billion Quebec City-Peoria project, which is part of a $40 billion plan unveiled in November that will create a major regional transportation hub that will also include a new railway.

The project, dubbed the Peyre-Peoiriot, will cost $9.4 billion, and will link two new railroad tracks under the Peyréion River with a new highway under the river.

The new bridge will be built across the river at the end of a 1.4-kilometre long stretch of the Peyrs, but it will connect to the existing Peoria-Lachine bridge.

Construction will start in 2019 and the project is expected to be complete by 2022.

The city also announced plans to add a new pedestrian bridge over the Peiriot and create new parks along the Peirie.