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The Big Bizarro of the Bridge Building Boom: The Bizarrens Bridge project was a bust

The $1.4 billion bridge that will link Detroit and its suburbs is under construction, and it looks like it will be completed this year, at least for now.

But the work has been controversial for months, and one thing’s for sure: the big-ticket projects that are usually seen as the high-profile construction projects are the least popular in a city that has had a bad reputation for getting the most out of the public’s money.

This is the case with the bridge that’s about to open, the Detroit-Windsor Bridge, which was initially supposed to be finished in 2018 but has been delayed for years.

The big-name construction projects that have been completed are the $3.2 billion Bridgegate project, the $2.9 billion Michigan Avenue Bridge, and the $1 billion Michigan-Windmill Road Bridge, each of which have been beset by delays.

Meanwhile, the other projects on the list have gone through the motions: The $2 billion Detroit-Ozark-Goshen-St. Clair Bridge was supposed to open in 2020, but the project has been stalled for years because of problems with the engineering.

The $3 billion Detroit Riverfront Bridge was to open this fall, but that’s now out of a contract and won’t happen until 2021.

The Bridgegate-Ozanovac-Meyer Transportation Corridor was supposed for a March 2020 opening, but delays have prevented the project from being completed.

The Ozanovacs, the new highway from Detroit to Grand Rapids, were supposed to come online in 2020.

They’re still stuck, and neither the Ozanoc nor the Detroit River Corridor are slated to open until 2022.

In the meantime, Detroit’s public works department is spending millions on new traffic lights that will cause drivers to take extra precautions to avoid the bridge and make the crossing safer.

And even though it looks set to open sometime this year—though it has been pushed back three years, and has been plagued by delays, for example—it still won’t be the largest bridge in the world.

Instead, it will probably be the tallest and most expensive bridge in America.

Here are five reasons why.


It’s the Biggest Bridge in America