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Which bridge will get the biggest repair?

By Greg HockettPosted March 29, 2020 06:07:24Construction on the $2.9 billion Mabey Bridge will get underway later this month with the final section of the bridge to be opened to traffic in November, ahead of a $7 billion overhaul of the country’s interstate highway network.

The bridge, which carries the main northbound lane of the Mabie River and is the nation’s busiest, has been undergoing extensive maintenance work over the past four years and will be the first bridge in Australia to receive an extensive upgrade to its structure and construction methods, including an upgraded steel structure and a new concrete bridge.

It will be a major milestone for the $1.8 billion Mebay Bridge, which is scheduled to open in 2021.

The completion of the final sections of the existing Maby Bridge is expected to see more than 5 million passengers a day crossing the bridge.

The final section to open is expected in November with a construction start date of December 2020.

The main southbound lane will remain closed to traffic for the first three months of 2021, but the work will be moved to the northbound lanes, which are scheduled to be open for traffic in 2021, and the bridge will be reopened by June 2021.

Construction is scheduled for completion of a bridge-by-bridge system between Mabay Bridge and The Gap in November 2020.

Mabey is the world’s largest urban interstate highway.

The bridge is the main artery between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.