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‘It’s going to take a while’: ‘I’ve never felt so alone’

The first day of the Trump era has been tough for many Americans.

As the country gears up for a weeklong holiday and a partial shutdown, there’s been a lot of talk about the president’s lack of empathy for the people who are struggling and the nation’s economy is in a tailspin.

But some of the biggest challenges facing Americans will be not just the economy, but also the way the country perceives the president and his policies.

For the first time since taking office, the nation has seen a rise in the number of Americans who are uninsured, according to a recent report by the Congressional Budget Office.

The number of uninsured Americans is at its highest level since the early 1990s, according a report from the Kaiser Family Foundation released on Tuesday.

And while the number is still far below pre-recession levels, that’s largely because of the Affordable Care Act.

The law has led to a sharp increase in the share of Americans without health insurance and the number who have coverage through an employer.

“The ACA has made a huge difference for so many Americans,” President Donald Trump told reporters in Washington on Tuesday morning.

“It has made so many people, a lot more than they had before.”

Trump also promised to “do everything possible to get this going again,” and on Wednesday, he will sign an executive order to start construction on the $1.6 trillion bridge connecting New York and Brooklyn.

The bridge will span the Hudson River and will connect the Manhattan boroughs to the Lower East Side.

The project is estimated to cost $5.4 billion, and construction could start as early as 2021.

“I want to be honest, the thing that’s really taken a lot out of me,” said Jessica, a 30-year-old nurse in New York City.

“We’ve seen an unbelievable rise in healthcare costs, and it’s not good for the country.

I’ve never been more frustrated. “

If you’re the president, it’s hard to see the people that need it the most.

A large portion of the $2 trillion bridge is slated to be built in the Bronx and Brooklyn, with other sections to be completed by 2022. “

People that have been waiting all their lives are in limbo.”

A large portion of the $2 trillion bridge is slated to be built in the Bronx and Brooklyn, with other sections to be completed by 2022.

While Trump has promised to create jobs and rebuild infrastructure, many Americans are still skeptical about the future.

One survey from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, released last month, found that 63 percent of Americans believe that Trump is not doing enough to get things done and that he is being unfair to the people of the United States.

The survey also found that 57 percent of respondents believed that the economy is “very or somewhat worse” under Trump.

The president’s first budget, which was released on April 29, included $1 trillion in funding for the construction of the bridge and other infrastructure projects, but some experts say it will not be enough to bring the economy back to normal.

“Trump has promised the American people that he will bring the American economy back, but he has not done that,” said David Pomerantz, the former assistant secretary of the Navy for planning and construction.

“There’s still a lot that’s missing.

There are still a number of things that he has to do, but I think he has made it very clear that he’s not going to be able to get all the things he promised.”

For many Americans, the biggest obstacle to getting the country back on the right track is the healthcare system.

In the coming weeks, the country will begin to see how the president plans to tackle the healthcare crisis.

The White House is also planning to release a plan to improve the healthcare coverage of the poor, the disabled and the elderly.

Trump will also address the ongoing healthcare crisis on Tuesday, according the White House.

He will address the opioid epidemic and the “epidemic of death” that he says is “destroying our society.”

“The American people deserve a president who can help them, not someone who’s going down the same road,” said Eric Ferrero, a Republican strategist.

“He’s going for the jugular, and he’s going against everything the American public stands for.”

Trump has also said he wants to end the Affordable Health Care Act and the Medicaid expansion.

“These are the big things,” said former Republican presidential candidate and former New York Governor Rudy Giuliani.

“They’re the big challenges, but they’re not the most important things.”

For the most part, Americans are not happy with the way things are going in the United State.

In a CNN/ORC poll conducted in January, 62 percent of American adults said that the way Trump is handling his presidency has “a lot to do with how the country feels about itself and how much the country cares about its future.”

That number dropped