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The Kansas City, Mo., bridge construction process has been a ‘show’

The Kansas city bridge construction project, a $20 million project to rehabilitate and expand the Kansas City St. Louis County bridge, has been “a show,” a project manager told Fox News.

“It was a show in the beginning,” he said.

“It was one of the big, big, showiest things I’ve ever been involved in, and that’s not the way I want it to be.

I don’t want to be in the limelight or in the spotlight, and I don to this day want to have that show.”

Fox News first reported that the bridge project is in “the early stages.”

It did not identify the project manager, but the company is called St. Paul Bridge Partners, which was founded by Kansas City-based entrepreneur Michael St. Pierre.

Fox News reported that a group of Missouri residents have sued St. Peter Bridge Partners and its partners over the project.

The lawsuit says St. Francis Bridge Partners failed to make a project design and construction schedule available for public comment and failed to consult with residents.

The St. Petersons say they failed to obtain permits and approvals for the project, which has been delayed twice.

The bridge project was approved in April 2014 and cost $20.5 million.

St. Thomas Partners was awarded the contract for the bridge construction and construction activities in October 2015 and awarded $18.5 billion in construction bonds in November.

St-Paul Bridge Partners said it had a contract with the state for $18 billion, but that the federal government’s waiver will allow it to borrow up to $10 billion for the construction of the bridge.

St. Peter and St. Joseph Bridge Partners are seeking $4.9 billion in federal and state grants and loans to cover the cost of the project in the case of default.

The city, which is located about an hour southeast of Kansas City and is in the suburbs of St. Charles and Missouri City, will be rebuilding the St. Clair River Bridge in St. Matthews and will be replacing a portion of the existing bridge over the Missouri River.

Starks bridge has been in use since 1928, and is the longest bridge in Missouri.

The St. Marys bridge was completed in 1953.

The Missouri Department of Transportation says it expects to complete the bridge by mid-2019.