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Which bridges will be demolished and reconstructed?

Anacostica Bridge construction began in 2018 and the bridge is scheduled to be completed in 2020.

The construction has been plagued by delays and concerns over whether the new bridge will withstand the rigors of heavy winter weather.

The new bridge is expected to be the largest in Washington, D.C., with a total of 1,500 feet of span.

The $2 billion project is expected have a cost of $2.8 billion.

Construction will include: • The demolition of the Anacastica Bridge at the Ancastia Street Bridge site to create a new eastbound route from the Anfresco Station to the National Mall.

The project has been delayed several times and the state has warned it could shut down Interstate 75.

The new bridge has been scheduled to open in 2020 and will connect the Washington, DC Metro to the rest of the nation.

Construction has been halted for months due to the snowstorm.

In 2019, the state closed the Anlastica Station and a portion of the bridge.

The state has said the closure was caused by a failure in the snow system.

A new, $2 million project is planned to reopen the bridge and reopen the National Zoo.

At the end of 2018, the State Department of Transportation announced the state would not reopen the Anca Street Bridge.

In an email to the Associated Press, a DOT spokesperson said that while the bridge reopened, construction would continue in the eastern portion of Anacacosta Bridge.