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How to make the perfect farm bridge

More than 1,000 farmers are set to open their first farm bridge on Wednesday in Melbourne’s north-east.

The state’s National Farmers Union (NFU) will be at the site at 11.30am, when it will be unveiled.

The bridge is the latest step in a growing movement to create new pathways to get farmers from their fields to their homes.

The work is part of the NSW Government’s $2.5 billion Farmbridge program, which aims to increase rural connectivity to rural communities and improve quality of life for rural families.

The NT Government is also encouraging farmers to start their own farm bridges.

In the NT, a project is underway to build a bridge on a busy highway between Darwin and Bundaberg.

Farmers can access the new bridge on the interstate between Darwin Airport and the NT Border.

“It’s about improving access to farmland for all, particularly for those who are rural,” Agriculture Minister Chris Hartcher said.

“We need more farm bridges because they help rural families get their livelihood back on track and they help people get to their jobs.”

The NT Bridges Project will cost $20 million to build, including $2 million from the NT Government.

“Farmers are keen to connect with their local community, and it is a fantastic way to do that,” Agriculture Industry Minister Tom Koutsantonis said.

He said the NT Bridges Program had helped create 1,100 new rural jobs in the state.

“For example, if a farmer goes into a farm and they have a problem with a fence, they can call a member of the NT Rural Rural Development team to help them with that.”

That’s why we’re working so hard to build more rural bridges.

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