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What you need to know about Portage and Bridge construction

In the last decade, the Portage Bridge has grown from a $10 million project to the busiest bridge in the world, connecting Chicago and Iowa City.

Now, a new report from Bridge America and Bridge Associates estimates that the Portages will require a $200 million construction project to complete the project.

The report says the Portagas are currently slated to need $100 million for their construction.

And the cost for a major construction project like the Portas would exceed the value of the bridge.

In the report, Bridge America’s executive director, Scott Anderson, said the cost of a new bridge like the one under construction in Portage is far higher than a $100 billion bridge project.

“The Portage bridge was built in the mid-1960s and the $100-billion-plus cost is about 40 percent of what’s estimated to be the bridge cost,” Anderson said.

“The cost of the new bridge is about 80 percent of that.”

He said that the construction costs of the Portaghas would likely be far higher, in fact, Anderson said the Portakas construction cost would exceed $1 trillion.

“It’s a very, very complicated bridge,” Anderson told the Chicago Tribune.

Anderson also said the report doesn’t include estimates for the cost and schedule for the project’s construction.

The new report comes after an unprecedented series of construction delays in the Port Agas in recent years.

Last year, construction delays led to one bridge being destroyed by a landslide and another to fall over.

The Portage Bridges were supposed to open in 2019, but construction was pushed back until 2018.

In a statement to Newsweek, the National Transportation Safety Board said in a statement that the agency “does not have specific information regarding the timing and nature of these delays.”

The agency added that “the delay in opening the Portaagas will be significant,” as it will allow more time for the federal government to determine whether to rezone the Portahas to include the railroad.