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How to build a bridge with an alconet archer

Handbook: A Guide to Bridge Construction in Ireland by Ian C.C. Anderson, ISBN 0-89547-062-9, 978-0-84588-079-5 (paperback, ebook) This book provides a brief history of bridge construction in Ireland.

Topics include: how to construct a bridge, bridge construction techniques, bridge deck, bridges, bridge design, bridge layout, bridge structure, bridge section, bridge, road bridge, waterford bridge, alconets bridge, archer source The Hodan Handbook, Book 1: Irish River Road Bridge, ISBN 978-2-10-91749-9 (paperbacks, ebook, paperback) The Hodans book series consists of six books: A Book of Irish Roads by John Hodan, ISBN 0184811-21-8, 978 0184923-13-9 , ISBN 978 01823077-9-8 (paper-bound) , ISBN 9780316793896 (paper) , 978 07358025-1-0 (paperbound) and ISBN 9780905163909 (paper), ISBN 978 073583699-0.

The Book of Roads is a work of historical and engineering literature that was written during the early nineteenth century.

It is notable for being the first book in a series of books written by John Hodgan, the forerunner of the Hodan family.

In 1884, John Hodgen was commissioned to construct the Great Bridge across the River Shannon.

It was completed in 1891 and the Hodans name was inscribed on the stone at the site.

The Hodancans were prominent members of the Ulster Volunteer Force and served in the British Army during the First World War.

They were also influential members of parliament during the 1920s and 1930s.

They became the owners of the Irish Water Bridge, a waterway that ran along the Shannon.

They died in 1926 and their estate was later acquired by the Department of Tourism and Sport.

They passed away in 2005 and are buried in St. James’s Cemetery.

The book was published in 2009 and is available in paperback and ebook formats.

Other Hodancan titles include The Irish Waterway by John J. Hodanc, ISBN 00806840-0, 978 008068623-0 , ISBN 008043675-2, ISBN 07358625-7, ISBN 9780811770183 (paper, ebook), 978 073683490-2 (paper and ePub) and 978 0738802582-6 (paper).

This work was published by the Hodancens in 2001 and was published under the title The Irish Road Bridge by John and Sarah Hodancs, ISBN 1-88845-622-7 (paperbook, ebook).

Other Hodan books include: How to Build a Bridge with an Alconet Archer by John A. Hodan and Mary Ann Hodanc (paper books) and The Irish Roads Illustrated Guide to Bridges by John John Hodanc and Mary Jane Hodanc.

The Irish River Bridge by Ian Hodanc was published as an ebook book in 2009.

This book has been a bestseller and was recommended by the BBC’s The Irish Times as one of the top books of the year.

The Illustrated Guide is an illustrated guidebook published by Hodanc’s daughter and the Irish Roads Museum and History Centre.

The Guide includes a map of the route of the Alconets River Bridge and an Irish Road Map showing the route taken by the bridge.