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US bridge construction begins in northern California

Construction for the western portion of the Willamette River bridge over the Williamsburg River has begun in the Sacramento area.

The project was announced Friday by the California Department of Transportation, which is coordinating construction with private companies to finish construction of the bridge over a 1,000-foot stretch of the river in the northern part of the state.

Construction of the span, which was to have been completed by 2019, is expected to take five years, according to a Department of Public Works announcement.

The span is expected eventually to be complete in 2019.

The bridge, which will link the communities of Willamett and Willard in Southern California, will be built at a cost of about $1 billion, and will connect Sacramento and the Sacramento Valley to the city of Sacramento, according the announcement.

Construction of the entire bridge was originally scheduled to begin in 2022, but the state has since postponed that date.

The project has been delayed several times, and some local communities, including the Sacramento River Delta, have protested the delay.