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How to fix a bridge that’s crumbling

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says it is investigating an engineering fault that could have cost thousands of lives in the Blackfriar Bridge construction project.

Key points:The bridge, built by U.N. contractors Knight and Knight, is the first major structure to collapse in the city since 2010The U.K. has since shut down the entire span after a fatal explosionThe Army Corps said in a news release that it is “taking appropriate steps to determine the cause and ensure the safety of the project personnel and other infrastructure.”

The U and U. K. said they would suspend the construction of the bridge until it is fully inspected.

A U.L.C. report released Tuesday said the U.A.E. had been working on the bridge for months before the explosion on April 22.

The bridge is the second major structure built by the U and K. The UB&C was supposed to be the first of two, but the first one failed in 2014.

The first collapsed in 2011.