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Why are the Chelsea Bridge construction plans for the west of the city still not finalised

Construction of a new pedestrian bridge between Stamford Bridge and the city centre is still going ahead despite a new round of funding for the project.

The city has been in talks with developers for two years, with the aim of building a new six-lane pedestrian crossing on the west side of the river, with a view to turning the bridge into a park.

But a final agreement between the two sides has yet to be reached.

In a joint statement, Chelsea and Stamford Bridge’s development authority, the Development Authority of the City of London, said: “The Chelsea Bridge and Stamford Hill pedestrian crossings have been in development for the past two years.

The bridge’s status has been discussed by the Department for Transport (DfT) with the bridge’s owner, Lenders Newbridge, and a number of other stakeholders.”

The current state of the talks is currently under review, and the decision is subject to the conclusion of the review process.

“Once the review is complete, the bridge will be in the final stages of construction and will undergo a detailed engineering assessment before the new bridge opens in the autumn of 2021.”

A new bridge in the east of the capital is also still being worked on.