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How Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Could Be a Disaster for Rural America

“There are two ways to build a bridge,” says Tom Shumer, the former head of the Federal Highway Administration.

“One is to get the bridge built and then have a natural disaster.

The other is to build the bridge and then get a natural calamity.”

Shumer says a natural catastrophe is a sudden and unpredictable event that leaves communities and communities’ economies crippled.

The former FHWA administrator says it would be disastrous to build bridges in areas with poor infrastructure.

The Trump administration has also proposed cutting off funding to the US Army Corps of Engineers, which provides the federal funding for infrastructure projects.

This could result in the Corps’ inability to help with bridge construction projects.

It could also lead to a decrease in federal bridge funding.

Trump has also suggested that he would use the federal government’s infrastructure program to subsidize private-sector construction.

Trump is proposing to use the money to build two major roads and two rail lines between Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

He has also floated the idea of using $100 billion in infrastructure funds for public works projects.

According to Shumer’s latest report, the Trump administration is considering cutting funding to $20 billion to build bridge construction.

Shumer told Axios that the Trump Administration could also cut funding to bridges in the Midwest and South if they were built on private land.

Shumber believes the federal bridge program is already overburdened and that the federal highway agency is doing too little to address infrastructure issues.

Shuman says the federal agencies lack a comprehensive plan for managing federal bridge projects and should focus on repairing and maintaining bridges, not building them.

The bridge system currently spans the length of five states, including New York and Pennsylvania, and is a key component of US infrastructure.